case studies

BrandName :Cadbury India Limited

Campaign Name :Customer Loyality Program

Overview :
Cadbury Says, We're a big company. But we believe, above all, in one thing - something that's unique to us - and that's the power of big and small. Yes, we have the scale and resources of a global powerhouse. But also the speed, creativity and agility of a fresh new start-up.
Objective :

Set of 5 questions over Push IVR, and winner will get gift from cadbury

Solution :

We at Pracharnama design a framwork for questionaire in which there is a push call with a prerecorded message that if you have participated in cadbury winner contest and here is the questions, then the question with its 4 options, user has to press any of them, it goes up to last questions and at the end it says that you have won the prize, our customer care team will conatact and will send you the gift soon. If any question wrongly answered call get disconncted with a message that you have disqualified from the quiz as your answer is not correct. We have provided a automatic system which picked only 5 question out of 25 set of questions and it goes on live recording


The purpose of hunting their loyal customers, cadbury own and they got tremendous response for the campaign. We would like to thank the survey company Absolute data who provided us to work for such a reputed brand