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India's leading mobile ad serving company since 4 yrs.

Global platforms & publishers for serving Ads.

Serving 100000+ clicks & 10000+ installs on daily basis.

Exclusive Pre & Mid roll Video inventory, Apps Install, in Apps banners, content integration etc.



  • Device Type - Phones, Tablets
  • Device Make and Model - Apple iPhone, HTC Droid Incredible, etc
  • Mobile Operating System - Android, Apple iOS , Apple Mac , BlackBerry OS , Microsoft Mobile
  • Mobile Browser - Android, BlackBerry, Chrome, iPhone, Opera (all versions), Opera Mobile.
  • Mobile Carriers – e.g. in India – Vodafone, Idea, Airtel etc
  • Additional Targeting options – frequency cap, geo, audience segments

Network & Reach

Brands: the world is on mobile

Your audience is mobile

84% of mobile users say they could not go a day without their device. This constant mobile engagement of today's consumers gives brand advertisers an unprecedented opportunity to connect with an audience wherever they go.


App knows the mobile experience. We are, and always have been, a mobile-focused company and we have the technology and expertise to get your ad in front of your ideal mobile audience in the most engaging and effective way.

Engaging creatives

App's innovative rich media and video ads are as visually appealing as a TV ad, but offer greater engagement and interaction with audiences. Mobile allows advertisers to target individuals valuable to your brand based on a variety of data points.



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