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BrandName :Star Sports Television

Campaign Name :Branding of Star Sports - Cricket World Cup - 2015

Overview :
It is available in India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Asian territories. The network is the official Asian station for the Barclays Premier League. Between 1991 and 1993, the channel was known as Prime Sports. On 1 January 2008, the logo was changed at midnight. The new logo's design is similar to those of STAR World (until 2010 with exception of India) and STAR Movies (until 2011 in selected Asian countries which were to be re-branded to FOX Movies Premium).
Requirement :

To increase the viewership of Live Match Streaming of Cricket World Cup 2015 on Apps & Website.

Solution :

We at pracharnama design & execute the campaign for star sports to go on Applications Advertisement on iOS and Android both. Also we started the banner ads on web inventory as well in our network. We have delivered the Visits & clicks as per expectation. There was a challange where we have to work on off days ( Saturday & Sunday) and the web inventory is down of off days. Also there was a cap of 90 seconds for one visit count. but yes! proudly we deliver the expectation and commitment.


The visits on the site was tremendous, and we got the opportunity to work with start sports for entire duration of Cricket World Cup - 2015.